Bringing That Beat Back in the Saddle Part II

I made such a big deal of coming back to the blog and writing a post everyday in my last post you would have thought I would have actually stuck with it. Turns out not. But this time I mean it, darnit. After working a full-time job at one of the worst companies ever formed and moving to the Nation’s capital I’ve decided to get back into the saddle before beginning my job as an SAT tutor (I know right?) and one of two internships.

Now back to the world’s worst company, I won’t mention their name because I’d likely get sued, or at least chewed out by the asshole owner, and I don’t have the funds to deal with that right now. One of the perks of this awful job–other than cleaning up a junkie’s flop-house complete with hypodermic needles, drapes saturated with cat piss and shit (as well as the wall-to-wall carpeting), paranoid junkie scrawlings, and rotting food covered in maggots–I got to sift through a lot of less-soiled, cool stuff (read: lots of Hollywood bed frames and useless shit). I was lucky enough to find an original Nintendo (with Duck Hunt!) a quarter bottle of wine, and only the two coolest books ever!

Now, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the books I found are going to be subject of my blogging opus, which, after working up to with some run-of-the-mill blog posts will get to composing shortly. Stay tuned y’all. It’s going to be a scorcher.





Keeping with the theme of great comics I want to single out one of the greatest comics one can find in the papers. Sally Forth. I used to dislike Sally Forth I’ll admit but damn has it grown on me. Ted stands out as one of the greatest characters of all time, his dry wit, animosity to losing, and my personal favorite and the characteristic I most identify with, his difficulty finding a job. What a guy. Of course Sally, Hillary, and Faye are all great too, but damn, Ted, his highs and his lows  take us on a veritable roller coaster of emotion through pain, envy, terrible softball losses, and most recently, softball wins. I’m hoping Hillary can knock this one out of the park, for you Ted. For you. Here’s todays comic if y’all aren’t following it.


Back in the Saddle

So I’m going to ease back in the blogging scene. One cannot simply beginning blogging again. It takes help hotlinks, youtube, and any other multimedia tricks one can use to intrigue and amuse with. So I want to get back into it with a sweet youtube video.

Tintin is the coolest/best comic ever written/drawn. That’s a fact, yes sometimes it’s a little racist, and oddly bereft of women (is Tintin gay?), but it still rocks. That is why I rock a Captain Haddock tattoo, the hot-headed, perpetually sweating, alcoholic, and accident-prone captain who lightens the mood of the Tintin comics.

But anyway, I digress, the point of this post is to highlight the new Tintin trailer, brought to you by Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson powerhouse dream team. Check the rhyme, it’s fly.

Mild, Mild West

After watching the Coen’s True Grit Rachel and I began spitballing about a subject we broached previously with our friends Reed and Maddie after a few Strongbows, the merits of living in the wild west. After thoroughly discussing heists we would pull, trains we would rob, and cattle hustlers we would bring to justice we began thinking of some of the problems we would run into in the wild, and how maybe, just maybe there would be downsides to living in late 19th century South Dakota. So we decided to put together a pros and cons list, like any hardened U.S. Marshall would do in this situation.

Pro: You are above the law; Con: There is no law

Pro: You get to carry a gun; Con: Everyone has a gun

Pro: Gold; Con: Cheap Asian labor stealing American jobs

Pro: Fresh West-Coast Air; Con: Corsets (I think this is totally a pro…)

Pro: Leather; Con: Ass-less chaps

Odd Job Part II

Rachel and I have been watching Bones over the weekend in preparation for applying for the Odd Job I wrote about earlier. Originally, we wanted to watch 4 episodes, so that each of us could write two, 300 word episode recaps for the job opening. However, after watching a single episode of the show, we decided we couldn’t stomach four, and decided to shoot for three, so we only have a single show recap overlap. I’m going to write one of mine today, and hopefully it will be worth publishing later. I’ll make it witty, derisive–for the blog only–and insightful.


Oh yeah, that is Zooey Deschanel‘s sister there. Interesting fact?