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Lost Winter

Being from Minnesota I have a quiet appreciation for a cold winter. Well, a quiet appreciation that lasts about a month and then after New Years I am pretty sick of being cold. Living in D.C. now, we didn’t get much of a winter this year. In fact it was an unusually warm winter across the board in America. Tony was particularly upset because I promised we would see some snow here in D.C. but none ever came. In tribute to missing winter (and rather than getting up in arms about climate change like I usually would because that is not what this blog is for) I am going to post some of the winter fashion inspirations that I had but never got to fully execute.

Tony and I love Twin Peaks. We are re-watching the whole show right now and we own the prequel on DVD (this is the only DVD we actually have in the apartment). In addition to the impeccable characters and  plot, I think that the aesthetic of the show is wonderful. After attending Lewis & Clark Tony and I both have a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The landscape and scenery in the show brings me right back to Tryon Creek National Park and the Lewis & Clark Campus. The cast members are also dressed in a great late 80s early 90s small-logging-town-chic (a combination of words I thought I would never make).


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My name is Rachel Young I am a graduate of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I am an environmental studies major with a concentration in chemistry. I grew up in Minnesota, USA but lived in China for part of my childhood. I am currently employed with the American Council for and Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

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