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Keeping with the theme of great comics I want to single out one of the greatest comics one can find in the papers. Sally Forth. I used to dislike Sally Forth I’ll admit but damn has it grown on me. Ted stands out as one of the greatest characters of all time, his dry wit, animosity to losing, and my personal favorite and the characteristic I most identify with, his difficulty finding a job. What a guy. Of course Sally, Hillary, and Faye are all great too, but damn, Ted, his highs and his lows  take us on a veritable roller coaster of emotion through pain, envy, terrible softball losses, and most recently, softball wins. I’m hoping Hillary can knock this one out of the park, for you Ted. For you. Here’s todays comic if y’all aren’t following it.



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I had plenty of opportunity to write before I graduated from college. Now I don't have the same resources, The Chronicle, the Pioneer Log, "woe is me! What shall I do?" Blog I guess.

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