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We love love love Ikea. According to Tony, Ikea is the greatest store. Unlike our previous post on furniture, Ikea has sleek looking pieces at reasonable prices (I advise to avoid purchasing the Ikea dressers if you intend to fill the drawers to the brim). In addition, Ikea furniture all requires self assembly, which can be aggravating or be a rare opportunity to bring out ones natural carpentry skills.

Naturally I was thrilled when I saw MyKea. MyKea is a online store that sells custom prints to apply to any kind of Ikea furniture. They have a variety of creative designs from several artists. I encourage anyone who is interested in spicing up their Ikea furniture to check out this site.


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My name is Rachel Young I am a graduate of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I am an environmental studies major with a concentration in chemistry. I grew up in Minnesota, USA but lived in China for part of my childhood. I am currently employed with the American Council for and Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

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