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Odd Job Posting

I just found a really strange job posting on NYC’s craigslist. In the posting, the poster wants an “Obsessive Bones Watcher and Writer (Remote).” I find it very intriguing and urge you to read the rest of the posting…

Don’t lie. All you do is watch TV. Yes, you have a job, but it’s not a priority. Bones? Now we’re talkin’ priorities. So how about this? Earn the right to say, “I’m a Bones-viewing professional,” and earn some money at the same time. We’re looking for a talented writer and pop culture junkie to become the expert for Bones — blogging, recapping, covering gossip, and otherwise leading web users to what they need to know about the show. Send us two writing samples — approximately 300 words — recapping an episode of Bones. Then, let’s talk.

Relevant entertainment writing experience required. Writer must be available 30-40 hours per week.

I love how accusatory it is. “Don’t lie.” So declarative! “All you do is watch TV.” Wow,  very hostile as well. I feel like I’ve heard countless TV bullies utter this to their nerd victims. The rest of the post is pretty informal, very conversational. There is a dropped “g” in the fourth sentence. Lots of talk about just making money. I like the “Then, let’s talk” at the end too. Icing on the cake. All this being said, I’m totally going to watch Bones today and write two, 300 word episode recaps of Bones.


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I had plenty of opportunity to write before I graduated from college. Now I don't have the same resources, The Chronicle, the Pioneer Log, "woe is me! What shall I do?" Blog I guess.

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