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We have been fantasizing about beautiful urban living spaces inspired by Madmen, Dwell, industrial spaces, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We encountered a few couches that I want in my dream house.

This is a Holly Golightly inspired couch created by the artists at Ruff House Art.

Unfortunately, The Ruff House Art tub couch runs around $1,700, which is far out of our price range. We have been brainstorming ways to make this couch on a lower budget. Retrieving a claw footed bathtub at a low price seems easy enough, it simply requires some digging and thrifting. The cushions are also a easy make. It would be simple enough to buy some vintage pillows and create a custom fitted seating cushion. The tricky part is cutting the porcelain tub. I would have to consult with Tony and the rest of the internet world to cut the tub in half:

I think it would be totally possible. If you had a sawzall with the correct blade you half a tub fairly easily if you went slow enough and cut carefully. After cutting it, using wet and gritty sandpaper would be able to smooth the edges. And as Rachel said cushions would be easy to make! Urban Ore and similar stores in the Bay Area would be great places to find a sweet claw-foot tub. After all that we would just have to order the booze, invited a bunch of moddy suits over and get the police called by a caucasian man made up like an Asian. – Tony

This suitcase chair is another piece that we completely fell in love with. The blue suitcase chair is just one of the amazing creations of Katie Thompson on her site Recreate.

The blue milk pail stools are also the creations of Katie Thompson. They are adorable. However, all of the furniture on Recreate are pricey and far out of our budget range. We are thinking of how to create these pieces on our own for lower prices. We will post again if we figure out how to get these projects going. Now I want to settle down somewhere so I can make this tub. Gotta find a job, and quick!


About Rachel Young

My name is Rachel Young I am a graduate of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I am an environmental studies major with a concentration in chemistry. I grew up in Minnesota, USA but lived in China for part of my childhood. I am currently employed with the American Council for and Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

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